You said you had to be drunk to be happy

I didn’t understand
Your anger reached  right out to slap me
With your cold cold hand
You were high on some mountain
Or dragging in the gutter in the rain
You could always count on me
To save you again

Not this time
I’m fed up and folding up my tent
Not this time
You can wonder where the hell I went
No matter what story you invent
I finally said and finaly did what I meant

Sometimes the storm came with no warning
Sudden as a squall
You were always sorry the next morning
Like it wasn’t your fault
You were dancing with demons
Leaving me shivering like a stray
You thought I was believing
Whatever you say


Now I see the dismal truth
Of the death that is life with you
You think that I’ll always stay
And be your helpless prey


Not This Time