Played on guitar in C-G-D-G-B-C tuning.


In the underground
Pablo paints the tunnels red
With the cursing words
Too big to fit inside his head
In the tunnels
On the tiles
Where the puppet people file
No one see
No on reads
Words like blood
Words like weeds

In the underground
Janie pulls the papers round
In a makeshift shroud
Shaking on the grave-gray ground
No warm blanket
No warm bed
No place soft to rest her head
And the chill
In the wind
Ruffles up her too thin skin

In the underground
I am only passing through
You don't see no one
And no one looks at you
Like a ghost
In the green
Of this eery half-lit scene
In between
In a daze
In the heart of this dark place

In the underground