I'm tapped out, battling the blues

Tallying the body count on the evening news

I've been scraping the meager marrow from my days

Living in this cold and empty space

Oh - when will my should start shifting

Oh - when will this haze be lifting

Oh - when will I stop this drifting

I'm wild now, feral as a stray

Forced to the fringes of the day to day

I've been slinking in shadows and in sun

Trying to be very nearly no one


Through windows stained with the rain

I'm trying to fly somewhere bare again

Back to the simple solitary bliss

Waiting for that very first kiss


Love lead me somewhere new

To live just like lovers do

Far from the drone of these swarming streets

I ached for the drumming of one heartbeat

Tuned to another, matching stride for stride

Make me feel so real and so alive