In a small corner

Trying to get warmer

Sits a small soul the world passes by

Amidst all the giving

Remember those living

Far from this hectic holiday time

Some count their blessings

Others are stressing

Some count the days til spring rolls around

With high expectations

Of these celebrations

Nary a moment of peace to be found

  • Season of Light3:07

These are the dark days

The silent and stark days

These are the cold days covered in snow

Love and sweet sadness

Mix with the gladness

Memories echo from so long ago

Check out my new song "Season of Light" here:

Season of light, season of hope

Bring a candle, light a candle, bring a candle light a candle tonight


Singer, Songwriter, Author

I perform both solo and with my husband, John Loretz, in the Greater Boston area. We play a variety of music, including both originals and covers.